Created in 2017 to Help Young People Grow…

The Educating Emily Fund was created in 2017 to help young people grow – physically, morally, and spiritually. The Educating Emily Fund is not a scholarship. Instead, it was created to provide holistic support for the educational, spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing of young people. 

This fund helps with things like private school tuition, after-school programs, summer educational programs, physiological testing, tutoring, uniforms, mentor programs, and other needs. We work with the youth, parents/guardians, school staff, teachers, doctors, counselors, tutors, mentors, individuals, and institutions to encourage partnership and collaboration with the idea of communities working together: β€œit takes a village.”

Over the years, the Educating Emily Fund has grown to help seven young ladies, three young men, and an entire high school varsity football team. We are so excited about all the ways this fund is expanding to help so many others including our current efforts to work with high school students during our fall internship programs. 

We are delighted to share more about all the great things we are doing and how you can join us in our missions to bring meaning and purpose to a world bereft of both and helping young people grow – physically, morally, and spiritually!