A Monk, a Pilgrim, and the Purpose of Life

Published by Clovercroft Publishing

Recipient of the prestigious $100,000 Templeton Prize, Brother John is the true story of a magical Christmas Eve encounter between August Turak and an umbrella wielding Trappist monk. Brought to life with twenty-two original paintings by award-winning artist, Glenn Harrington, Brother John leads us to the redemptive power of a purposeful life. Brother John works equally well either as a Christmas gift or all year long, and the book’s inspirational message and rich illustrations are sure to bring the reader back again and again.

Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket | 48 Pages | 9×11 | October 21, 2018


What a treasure. Just beautiful. As humble and subtle as the brothers but staggering in southern color, beauty, and light.

— Newsday

World renown artist, Glenn Harrington gave us a peak behind the scenes as he created the painting that became the Brother John cover painting.

Brother JohnA Monk, A Pilgrim and The Purpose of Life, is August Turak’s magical story of his life-changing Christmas Eve encounter with an umbrella wielding Trappist Monk.

This powerful, true story is the perfect inspirational parable for our time. It’s about redemption. It’s about seeing the beauty in others and discovering your own. It’s a Christmas story about finding higher meaning and purpose through Brother John’s towering example of selfless service. 

Set in the breathtakingly beautiful monastery of Mepkin Abbey… Brother John is magnificently brought to life with twenty-two original oil paintings by award winning artist, Glenn Harrington.

Winner of the prestigious $100,000 Templeton Prize, this best-selling book can now be yours.